Wellness Travelers

The term 'Wellness Traveler' can mean that you are traveling primarily for a health and well-being focused service or experience. A wellness traveler may also be simply adding the fore-mentioned service options onto an existing trip.

The fact is, if you fall into this category you are proactively focusing on your health and well-being and it is of course important to maintain that while you travel.

It is also very important that you know exactly what you are looking for, so not to get financially exploited, or even disappointed by the service providers.

Wellness Travel offers an astounding array of choices, with many destinations around the world becoming specifically geared for wellness tourism (the leaders include the US, Germany, Japan, France, Austria and Bali). 


    Know What you are Getting

    Many countries offer a broad array of highly optioned Wellness facilities, with practitioners certified in a wide variety of wellness options. These days wellness isn't restricted to resorts or retreats. There are now many certified hotels offering a glamorous assortment of unique services (different to that of standard hotels).

    Wellness resorts and retreats generally offer short-term, residential programs to address specific health concerns, reduce stress or support lifestyle improvement. Hospitals are also a significant provider of destination (traveller based) wellness programs. Typical programs emphasize lifestyle improvement, prevention, or health screening. As evidenced with Ticadoc, hospital and hotel partnerships often support these programs.

    Returning home while maintaining the zen-like calm you developed on your wellness trip can also be a challenge! The fact is that some airlines and service providers simply do a better job than others in getting you home without stressing you out all over again. Ticadoc and Ticadoc registered Travel agents have prepared this information in advance to assist you in bringing your Zen-like-calm, that you worked so hard to achieve, all the way home with you.



    combined business and wellness leisure trips!

    Background Check your Providers

    Obviously there are huge opportunities and wonderful experiences to be had with Wellness Travel. However, before you fall for the glossy ads presented by many wellness, medical, hospitality or air travel provider options, you will need to do your homework.

    1. Make sure you background check any facility that you will stay in to receive ‘Wellness’ services. Facilities such as hospitals, Ashrams, retreats, hotels etc. must be checked.
    2. Especially important is your safety and security if you are residing in facilities for overnight periods. It is better to be safe than sorry.
    3. Ensure ‘price points’ are considered for services and also ‘shop’ around for comparisons.
    4. Ensure that your insurance provider is aware of the wellness options that you are considering. In the unfortunate case the wellness services that you utilize cause you an injury, you want to make sure that you are going to be covered by your policy.

    Your ‘Wellness’ is your first priority. So, do remember to consider all the options to make sure that you remain financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually ‘Healthy and Well!’

    Wellness travelers may seek a variety of treatments

    using conventional, alternative, complementary, herbal, or homeopathic medicine

    Wellness travelers seek traditional activities such as:

    beauty treatments

    healthy diet and weight management



    relaxation and stress relief

    physical fitness and sports;

    As well as some of the more popular current

    Salt therapy

    Crystal light bed therapy

    Sound bathing


    Infrared Saunas