Patients Beyond Borders estimates that up to 1.1 million patients travel to Mexico for treatment. The country benefits from its proximity to the U.S., with more than 50,000 Americans crossing the border each year purely for dental work.

Mexico also specializes in weight loss treatment and surgery. Cities near the U.S. border, like Monterrey, Tijuana and Juarez, boast hospitals which offer weight-management programs to obese Americans — at 40-70% of the cost of treatment at home.

With new facilities and services has come increased international recognition. In 2006 Mexico had no JCI-accredited facilities; in 2017 it has 9 JCI accredited clinics and hospitals (such as the Galenia Hosptial). Several of these hospitals also have CSG Accreditation that is given by the General Health Council of Mexico.

Quality clinics are located in nearly every major city but be aware many local websites remain in Spanish, and English-speaking physicians or translation services are not always available.

The Wellness or Medi-Traveler may want to enlist the assistance of a recognized hotel or medical travel agency when arranging care and hotel recuperation in Mexico.

While drug-cartel violence in parts of Mexico has become increasingly common, Mexico can still be safe for the Wellness & Medi-Traveler if the correct planning and preparation is made. Trust only established providers of travel arrangements, and only use official or recognized tourism, transport services.

Stay in a recognized international hotel and ask the concierge there to arrange transportation and sightseeing for you. Prior to departure, travelers should check advisories about unrest in destinations of choice, and exercise the usual cautions when in country.