In 2015 there were over 691* million ‘Wellness’ trips undertaken by people who were focused on what is ultimately their most valuable asset – their health. These hundreds of millions of health-focused trips were in addition to the estimated ~$50billion Medical Tourism market in which it is estimated that 4% of the world’s population travels abroad to receive medical services**.

Many medical or wellness consumers don’t travel internationally, but choose to seek out an appropriate healthcare solution domestically – be it in their home town or a city elsewhere in their own country.

Where do these Wellness & Medi-Travelers go for information? How do they research destinations? How do they choose service providers or hospitals, hotels and airlines they use? How do they decide who to entrust their health to?

In a world with an ageing population, increasing costs of healthcare and a burgeoning middle class the unique needs of Wellness & Medi-Travelers are undoubtedly themes that will dominate our collective thinking for decades to come.

Asia & Greater China


Asia and Greater China (Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau) has long been a destination that is top of the list for both Medi-Travelers and Wellness travelers.

Asia & Greater China generally have a good mix of quality medical systems and low cost compared to Western Countries. As we often say at Ticadoc – be aware that in every country there are always good and average healthcare facilities and medical practitioners, so please use the resources here to do your research!

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Taiwan I Thailand I Malaysia I Singapore I South Korea


Even if you are part of the 56% of the population that has private health insurance in the U.S.A. there will still almost always be a cost for surgery that a privately insured patient will still have to bear. Read our blog story here for more information.

The high cost of insurance, large deductibles and out-of pocket expenses have lead many Americans to seek health treatment outside the U.S.A.

With many lower cost options available only a short flight away in the Americas, often with American trained surgeons or physicians, the number of Americans traveling for medical care continues to grow.

It’s not just Americans that are traveling however, in South America a burgeoning middle class in countries like Brazil has driven the large growth of the local medical services.

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Brazil I U.S.A I Mexico

UK & Europe

Medical issues driving Medi-Travellers to access options abroad within the UK and EU can include increased time to access services (the UK’s NHS), regulation (IVF laws in Germany) and the lower costs (Spain, Hungary etc).

Europe has a range of options to suit the market including well regulated countries with (mostly) excellent transport options via short flight or rail trips, highly developed medical capabilities and cost options to suit.

Established countries servicing the Medi-Traveler market tend to excel at some things over others, and a few countries are building a reputation as excellent providers of specific medical treatments.

The Wellness economy servicing the business/non-business market is burgeoning. With Nordic spa’s offering exciting experiences for mind and body along with a vast line of mind, body and soul Wellness services in a range of continental countries.

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Turkey I Hungary

Middle East

The Middle East (U.A.E with Dubai leading) is increasing its access as a hub for Medical and Wellness tourism due to high quality infrastructure, skilled staff including overseas trained doctors, and a government that is backing the expansion of quality and support options.

Educated consumers from around the world can select from a range of locations for selection Medical and Wellness services, which have generated specializations in certain destinations within the Middle East.

The U.A.E is one of the world most popular tourist destinations and can attract and appeal to travelers from around the world. The emirates has recently announced large expansion plans, opening new hospitals and medical centers.

Based on the procedure and the location, Medi-Travelers can expect to save anywhere from 50%–90% on the costs in a western country.

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International travel to Australasia (Australia and the broader Pacific) is relatively small in comparison to other global markets, but it offers a high degree of quality and speciality with high cost (Aus & NZ) which is increasing numbers year on year.

Domestic travel to access medical services however, appears anecdotally to be increasing. It appears that people are more prepared to leave their immediate neighborhoods to access faster, better or cheaper medical treatment.

Most medical options are sought primarily for quality and expediency, with services such as cosmetic or fertility treatments, dermatology, cardiac and oncology treatments.

Wellness options abound in a wide variety of countries and islands especially (think Fiji, Tropical Queensland Aus, South Island NZ) allowing Travellers a range of developed and safe services to choose from.