Well the team at Hyatt Hotels and resorts have now purchased not one, but two Wellness companies to roll into their product offering.

Ticadoc is well aware of the Wellness trend sweeping the world and is very interested to see if the ‘essence’ of wellness treatments and retreats can be maintained when blended with the corporate world. Wellness is of course on an upward trend and global travelers are showing an increasing demand for wellness options in their travels.

These two new offerings from Hyatt are ‘Miraval’ and ‘Exhale’. Each of these acquisitions are different and service different markets.

Hyatt described ‘Miraval’ as “serving customers with a specific purpose of travel” with its destination resorts, whereas Exhale is more about offering “everyday wellness needs” to their clientele.

Hyatt states the Exhale brand is known for its ability to “service your everyday wellness needs in markets where you live and, hopefully, now on a regular basis where you travel.” Good news, especially for those weary business travellers out there.

Before you run out and book your room, the majority of Exhale’s locations are in major urban markets like Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, but Hyatt hopes to expand them to more resort settings as well.

“We’re a very unique wellbeing brand, that needs to reach a larger global audience” states Annbeth Eschbach, the CEO and founder of Exhale.

“It’s a business that, in our view, has done the most to, and maybe the only one differentiating itself in the spa and fitness space along the dimensions of mindfulness. It’s obviously been a strategic decision for them to do so and continues their innovation into the Wellness space”.

One thing Hyatt wants to emphasize, is that the Exhale brand isn’t going away and that it is distinctly different from Miraval (Hyatt’s other 2017 wellness acquisition).

What do Hyatts loyalty members (named World of Hyatt) get out of it?

In June their members accessed the ability to earn and redeem benefits when they stay at the Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa in Tucson. It’s likely a similar loyalty offer related to Exhale may apply soon. There’s no specific estimate for when Hyatt guests and loyalty members can begin to see more influences from Miraval and Exhale, but a company spokesperson said “the company is looking to move fairly quickly.”

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