We can breath easily! Wellness continues to increase its growth in the hotel and resort sector. Ticadoc research shows that 7% of all people who travel each year seek a ‘Wellness Option’ when making plans… this means that this market is enormous, to say the least.

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts have made a new acquisition of a company to add to its wellness offerings. It has purchased a company by the name of ‘Exhale,’ which consists of 25 separate locations across the US and the Caribbean ( and the Caribbean, doesn’t that whole area ooze ‘Wellness’ anyway?)

It seems that Hyatt wants to seriously leverage this brand by placing the Exhale service and product line in all hotels and storefronts. It maybe physical product lines for a start, as Hyatt has stated it wishes to deliver certain elements of the Exhale experience within the hotel without necessarily having a full-blown service line storefront in the hotel environment).

Steve Haggerty, (Hyatt’s global head of capital strategy, franchising and select service) explained the following;

“Hyatt wishes to expand Exhale’s storefronts in markets where they will have the most impact to the customer base that we’re referencing”

One way in which we will integrate this is through our existing hotel portfolio. This integration will be made on a case-by-case basis for how that actually materialises in each hotel.”

He also goes on to say that, “We think the strength of the brand and the performance of the brand speaks for itself.”

So like the 7% of global travellers currently searching, make sure to look out for Hyatt’s Wellness offerings when you are making a choice for your Wellness needs.

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