hilton fitnessWho wants to work out while way? Well a recent Cornell University Center for hospitality Research study reflected that 46% of guests intend to work out during their hotel stay, but only 22% actually wind up using the hotel fitness center. I know which side of the statistics I fall into.

Based on three years of customer research Hilton Hotels discovered that 28% of its guests across all room types and market segments said they were interested in pursuing in-room fitness. Based on that feedback, Hilton road tested a room that brings the fitness center (read: gym) directly into a guest’s room.

It’s called Five Feet to Fitness. We at Ticadoc have no idea on their measurement requirements for this name, but there you go! It provides guests with 11 pieces of fitness equipment and accessories that allow travelers to work out in the privacy of their own guest rooms. The mind boggles as to why 28% of guests would want this but it’s a great option for those that do!

Now Hilton is not the first mover into this market. In 2012 IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) had gym equipment in guest rooms as a brand standard across all rooms.

However, Hiltons Ryan Crabbe (Senior Director of Global Wellness) stated the types of fitness equipment Hilton is placing in the room, and the way they are being utilized in a standard room setting, is unique.

Why? Well in the three years of feedback gathering, what Hilton found with their research was that people wanted more options. Only having yoga equipment or just cardio equipment was too limiting as guests wanted everything to sit under one big roof and they wanted more opportunities to engage in different types of movement. He also confirmed that they believed there was a significant opportunity to enable fitness for all types of their customers so they could stay well on the road (think: business).

So where are they? Only the US at present. Based at Hiltons McLean Tysons Corner and also Parc 55 San Francisco. The good news in is that they are soon to present an additional offering of the rooms in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego and New York.

They’re completing this in a few phases. In Phase 1 of their in-room Wellness offering, Hilton have gone to the extent of laying performance flooring into the rooms and then adding an indoor bike, a training ‘station’ that allows travelers to carry out core strength, suspension and also high-intensity interval training exercises.

In addition to the fitness station is a digital Fitness Kiosk (based on a touchscreen display) where travelers can view prepared equipment tutorials and a selection of 200 workouts that include endurance, cycling, cardio, strength, yoga, stretch and (phew) recovery. But wait, there’s more! A meditation chair with blackout shades is included.

In Phase 2 of the offering, they will include additionals such as a selection of protein and hydration drinks and a product named ‘Biofreeze,’ designed to ease achy muscles. Also included will be ‘Atmos’ air filters to purify the air.

Phase 3 for Hilton may include brand partnership/s which are likely related to more improved sleep experiences for the traveler.

For this in room training option, Hilton generally applies an additional USD$45 to its BAR (best available room rate). Now time will tell how successful this option is, but Ticadoc approves of its multiple options and additional Wellness offerings to the gym equipment. Well done Hilton!

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